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FDTD Simulation of Thin Resistive Sheets

An effective approach is presented for simulation of thin resistive sheets in FDTD. The approach is based on surface impedance and piecewise linear recursive convolution technique. This approach can be combined with a conformal scheme so that it can be applied to deal with an arbitrarily shaped thin sheet. The simulation results for a couple of examples have shown that the approach is robust, stable and quite accurate.

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Case Study: Using Electromagnetic Simulation to Ensure EMC Compliance: How Remcom’s XFdtd Enabled KEC Limited to Differentiate Itself and Provide a Unique Customer Benefit

KEC, a UK manufacturer of EMC interconnect components and cable harness assemblies, strengthened its market leadership and differentiated itself from the competition by offering a unique technology. Using Remcom’s XFdtd to model and simulate customers’ designs, KEC can identify problems early in the process and recommend corrections before the EMC certification stage. This enables customers to avoid costly mistakes and pass certification testing on the first try.

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