Customer Success Stories and Case Studies

Remcom’s customers work in a wide variety of disciplines and industries, from academic researchers to defense contractors and all types of engineers designing electronic devices. Our EM modeling software and expertise help companies working on many types of EM applications: mobile device antenna design, MRI coil analysis, antenna placement on vehicles and airplanes, and optimal placement of wireless communications systems to name a few.

In addition to the EM modeling and simulation software we provide, we also frequently collaborate on consulting projects and custom engineered solutions. Below are a few examples of projects where the Remcom solution helped in our customers’ success.


Using Electromagnetic Simulation to Ensure EMC Compliance: How Remcom’s XFdtd Enabled KEC Limited to Differentiate Itself and Provide a Unique Customer Benefit

KEC, a UK manufacturer of EMC interconnect components and cable harness assemblies, strengthened its market leadership and differentiated itself from the competition by offering a unique technology. Using Remcom’s XFdtd to model and simulate customers’ designs, KEC can identify problems early in the process and recommend corrections before the EMC certification stage. This enables customers to avoid costly mistakes and pass certification testing on the first try.

KEC Ltd.:

How Remcom Consulting Helped ReGear Launch a Deep Tissue Heating Device

When ReGear Life Sciences developed a new therapeutic deep heating garment for the shoulder, they needed to validate that the SAR value complied with all applicable FDA and FCC safety regulations before releasing the product to the market. Remcom performed EM simulations, made recommendations on a safer design, and provided the documentation necessary for ReGear to get approval for the product. Using high-end GPU-accelerated computing, Remcom was able to complete the work in a very short amount of time. Outsourcing this part of the project to Remcom saved ReGear time and money, allowing them to focus on marketing the product rather than bringing expensive EM resources in-house.

ReGear Life Sciences:


MRI Coil Improvement for Cardiac Imaging in Mice

It is common knowledge that mice often serve as models for the study of human health conditions and experiments to improve human medical treatments. But most people probably don’t consider the accuracy of the experiments themselves, focusing instead on the results to give us confidence in the progression of our health care. It is vitally important that the experimental conditions are as precise as possible in order to get reliable results. In this case study, Remcom’s XFdtd Release 7 is used to analyze a new spiral MRI coil for more precise cardiac imaging in mice.

University of Cyprus: