XFdtd Versions

There are three versions of XFdtd available, Limited, Professional, and Bio-Pro. Bio-Pro is a specialty version of XF that includes capabilities for bio-EM calculations.  All versions include 64-bit analysis module, geometric modeler and postprocessor, as well as shared memory multiprocessor (MPM) capability. The following chart shows a comparison of available features in each version:

XFdtd Versions Comparison
XStream GPU Acceleration Tokens 0 1 2
MPM Tokens
4 16 32
3D CAD Modeling
Parameterization & Scripting
CAD and PCB Import*
STL, DXF only
XACT Accurate Cell Technology
Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
Biological Thermal Sensor
VariPose Mesh Repositioning
Birdcage Tool
Floating Licenses

* Pro and Bio-Pro import types: ODB++, SAT/SAB, STL, DXF, VDA-FS, STEP, IGES, Pro/E, CATIAv4, CATIAv5, Inventor

High performance computing packages are also available, including Cluster and Enterprise bundles for very large GPU, MPI, and MPM distributed memory installations. Please contact Remcom for pricing.