Wireless InSite provides RF engineers with the tools to design wireless links, optimize antenna coverage, and assess key channel and signal characteristics for RF and millimeter wave frequency bands.

Applications include:

  • Predicting coverage from base stations and access points
  • Determining shadowing and multipath effects from buildings, indoor floorplans, and terrain
  • Assessing wireless backhaul solutions
  • Evaluating channel characteristics for communications systems including 4G LTE, LTE-A, 5G MIMO and Massive MIMO systems, and indoor WiFi networks
  • Assessing radar propagation

Signal coverage, multipath, and channel characteristics for wireless communications in complex urban environments.


Analyze MIMO transceivers in indoor scenes using imported objects.


Coverage in rugged mountainous region over 12,000 km2 area using Vertical Plane Ray Model. (Terrain image provided by Harris Global 15 m.)


Predict indoor coverage from nearby small cell base station.