Remcom at 5G North America 2018


The only comprehensive 5G focused event in North America


Designing for a 5G Future:
Will Your Device Be Ready?

For over a decade, LTE North America and now 5G North America has been an important source of inspiration, education and transformation for the North American telecommunications sector. Today, this sector is more ambitious than ever to implement new technologies and services to benefit everyday consumers and businesses. 

For our latest edition, we pledge to ensure that our audience be presented with exclusive survey findings, industry data, case studies and business intelligence unavailable at any other conference. 



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Designing for a 5G Future: Will Your Device Be Ready?

Learn about Wireless InSite’s new features for 5G mmWave and MIMO simulations:

  • 3D ray tracing valid up to 100 GHz
  • Simulate Massive MIMO arrays
  • Spatial Multiplexing and beamforming
  • Diffuse scattering
  • High performance computing

Throughput as a Design Metric:

Are you confident your design approach is sufficient for meeting 5G performance standards?  Without throughput analysis, you could be missing a critical piece of the 5G puzzle!

Remcom’s software products integrate antenna design, propagation visualization, and communication channel modeling to provide a comprehensive characterization of real-world device success.

Stop by our booth to learn how Remcom’s Device Design Workflow can ensure that your devices meet 5G throughput requirements.

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