Remcom’s Activities at DesignCon 2019

DesignCon is back in Santa Clara for its 24th year. Created by engineers for engineers, this annual mega event brings together professionals from the high-speed communications and semiconductor communities. As the nation's largest event for chip, board, and systems designers, DesignCon is a must-attend opportunity to share ideas, overcome challenges, and source solutions.


Wireless InSite MIMO Beamforming and Throughput for 5G and WiFi

XFdtd 5G Antenna Array Design

WaveFarer Automotive Radar Simulation Software

Visit  Remcom at Booth #207

Wireless InSite MIMO Beamforming and Throughput for 5G and WiFi

See a demonstration of Wireless InSite's new features in our booth!

The new release of Wireless InSite features beamforming and throughput for MIMO systems, providing customers designing base stations and WiFi devices with a critical metric for analyzing real-world device performance in indoor or 5G dense urban outdoor environments.

3D ray tracing valid up to 100 GHz

  • Simulate massive MIMO arrays

  • MIMO beamforming, spatial multiplexing, and diversity techniques

  • Throughput and capacity for MIMO systems

  • Diffuse scattering

  • High-performance computing

XFdtd 5G Antenna Array Design

We’ll be demonstrating XF’s new 5G antenna array design features in our booth, including workflow enhancements for modeling complex devices at millimeter wave frequencies:

  • New performance metrics for 5G beam steering applications

  • CDF of EIRP plot for arrays

  • Improved simulation accuracy for millimeter wave frequencies, including a new feed specifically designed for exciting microstrips, surface current measurements, and a user-defined input for surface roughness of conductors

Introducing WaveFarer Automotive Radar Simulation Software

Visit Remcom's booth to learn about WaveFarer, our new targeted solution for simulating raw radar returns for drive test scenarios. 


  • High-fidelity radar simulator for drive scenario modeling at frequencies up to and beyond 79 GHz

  • Near-field propagation methods compute raw radar returns from target objects while considering multipath from ground reflections

  • Fast and accurate analysis of repeatable drive test scenarios

  • Virtually test and refine results earlier in the design process

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