Remcom’s Activities at IMS 2017


At the 5G/IoT Pavilion


At Remcom's Booth




Join Remcom in the 5G/IoT Pavilion - Booth #848
Remcom will making daily presentations on the capabilities of Wireless InSite MIMO

Presentation: Capturing Diffuse Scattering Effects in 5G mmWave Channels


As 5G technology forces expansion into higher frequencies in the millimeter wave spectrum, Wireless InSite is a powerful tool for detailed simulation of multipath and other channel characteristics. 

Come learn about Wireless InSite’s MIMO capabilities, which now include diffuse scattering:

  • Support for diffuse scattering using Lambertian and Degli-Esposti models

  • Paths may scatter from materials at any point in the interaction chain

  • Define the amount of energy that scatters diffusely

  • Select model and parameters to define how each material scatters

  • Handling of relative phase supports arrays and MIMO

  • Unique phase, pattern, and orientation for MIMO elements provide foundation for beamforming analysis

Channel Modeling for 5G Demonstration

Watch a demonstration showing how Wireless InSite meets 3GPP and METIS channel modeling requirements for 5G, including:

  • Very high bandwidths and wide frequency range
  • Wide range of propagation scenarios with full three-dimensional modeling and accurate polarization
  • Massive MIMO with extremely large array antennas
  • Spatial consistency as points move or are in close proximity
  • Diffuse scattering at mmWave


Dates & Times:

Tuesday, June 6
11:00 am

Wednesday, June 7
1:30 pm

Thursday, June 8
11:00 am

Plus! Channel Modeling for 5G Demonstration

Self-guided video demo in Kiosk 1



Visit Remcom at Booth #1248


Explore Wireless InSite’s New
5G MIMO Capabilities:

  • New!  Now with diffuse scattering effects

  • Simulate MIMO antennas up to 100 GHz

  • Simulate Massive MIMO arrays

  • Easily post-process outputs for beamforming

  • Full 3D scenario modeling with control over path interactions

  • Utilizes GPU and MPI to minimize runtime

  • Outputs: H-matrix, CIR, and more


Learn About XFdtd's Advantages for
Mobile Device Design:

  • Flexible PCB Import and Wrap

  • High Performance Computing

  • CAD and PCB Merge

  • Automated Configurations

  • Circuit Element Optimizer

  • SAR Compliance Tools

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