Simulation of Beamforming using FD-MIMO for LTE-Advanced Pro in an Urban Small Cell

This presentation shows a new predictive tool for simulating Full Dimension Multiple Input, Multiple Output (FD-MIMO) in urban environments.  With 3GPP expanding the potential transmit antennas for LTE-Advanced Pro eventually to as many as 64, detailed modeling of the channel characteristics is becoming increasingly complex.

Our presentation demonstrates an innovative new simulation capability that uses three-dimensional ray-tracing to fully characterize channels, with significant optimizations to limit the additional computation required to predict the channel matrices for base stations using FD-MIMO.  We use results from simulations to evaluate a hypothetical small cell base station employing FD-MIMO for cases using different numbers of transmit antennas.  We then analyze predicted multipath in the environment and compare performance of beamforming techniques for each of the simulated cases.  

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