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XFdtd® Electrostatic Solver

XFdtd's static E solver module computes the static and (in some cases) quasi-static E-field given a geometry with one or more boundary conditions. The boundary conditions include fixed or floating potential on objects and outer boundary conditions. Supported material types include PEC, good conductors, lossy and lossless dielectrics.


The static solver module is a second-order solver which works with the same geometry and grid used for time-domain computations and is compatible with the time-domain solver. In addition to fully static problems, the solver may be used to compute initial conditions for a time-domain simulation, such as those involving time-varying switches or nonlinear electric or magnetic materials. Examples of the various use cases include studies of the effects of transient fields in RF circuits induced by electronic switches and soliton simulations induced in nonlinear materials for particle accelerators.

Table 1: Change in mutual-capacitance between loaded and unloaded case (fF).
Table 2: Change in self-capacitance between loaded and unloaded case (fF).

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