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5G Antenna Array Design Software & Analysis

In-depth antenna array simulation and analysis of 5G-capable devices.


Traditional communication systems have relied on single antenna designs or switching between different antennas within the system for maximum throughput (diversity).  5G device design requires this in addition to the use of arrays to perform beam steering.

XFdtd 3D EM simulation software enables in-depth analysis of a device's stand-alone performance, with 5G device design features that support high-frequency array antennas and complex devices operating at millimeter wave frequencies.  


Superposition and Array Optimization

Determining the numerous beam states for a new design can be tedious due to the hundreds or thousands of port phase combinations. XF leverages the electromagnetic principle of superposition to quickly analyze these combinations with a single simulation. By combining steady-state results from the simulation, XF efficiently determines the port phases that maximize the far zone coverage in each direction.

Read documentation on the superposition and antenna array use cases…


XF’s full wave solver computes S-Parameters, efficiencies and far field for each of the elements in a device. The 5G Array Analysis tool then optimizes the phases of the feeds for each element over a set of desired beam angles. A cumulative distribution function of effective isotropic radiated power (CDF of EIRP) plot is then generated for one or more arrays to provide a total metric of the performance of the device.

Read documentation on the CDF of EIRP and Max Hold output...


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