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Targeted Ray Casting

Efficiently produce high fidelity returns from a target.


Ray-tracing algorithms shoot rays into a scene from each transmitter.  WaveFarer provides a unique solution that launches a packet of rays at each scattering object.  This ensures that the entire surface visible to a transmitter is illuminated with rays.  The alternative traditional approach launches rays at a specified angular spacing, which is less effective in achieving full illumination of finely detailed target surfaces, even when very high ray densities are used.

Dynamic Scenarios

For dynamic scenarios such as automotive radar where vehicles are in motion, WaveFarer’s approach improves both accuracy and efficiency by ensuring the target is fully illuminated at any distance from the transmitter. With a traditional fixed ray spacing approach, the angular resolution must be decreased as the target moves further away. This makes it impractical to scatter off detailed surfaces at longer distances and is also more difficult to define for a dynamic scenario when target ranges vary with time. WaveFarer solves this by incorporating algorithms that ensure facets on scattering targets are fully illuminated, regardless of range.

Extending to Multipath and Shadowing

The targeted ray casting algorithms are not just for the direct path to targets in line-of-sight; they include multipath, such as ground bounce or reflections and diffractions from walls and other structures. When such paths intersect with a target, special algorithms ensure that these paths also fully illuminate the target. The same methods apply to paths that diffract around corners into shadowed areas so that scattering from targets maintains accuracy, even as targets move behind structures or other objects.

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