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Define electrical properties down to the facet level.


All CAD features are composed of planar facets which define the geometry. The set of material properties assigned to each facet determines its electromagnetic behavior for reflection, transmission, and diffraction. For foliage, the material is assigned at the structure level of foliage features in addition to the face level. The display properties are included in the material property.

Wireless InSite provides users with a pre-installed database of materials such as wood, drywall, glass, wet earth, PEC, etc. at various frequencies. Users can save their custom materials in a database.

Types of Materials

  • Dielectric half-space

  • Layered dielectric

    • One or more lossy dielectric layers of finite thickness

  • PEC backed layer

    • Single lossy dielectric layer on top of a metal layer

  • Constant coefficient

    • Polarization dependent, independent of incidence angle

  • Perfect electrical conductor (PEC)

  • Free space

  • Monte Carlo for parameter uncertainty

  • User-defined files

    • Magnitude and phase vs. incidence angle and polarization

    • Dependence on frequency and incident plane


  • Weissberger

  • Attenuation in dB/m

  • Biophysical properties

    • The effective permittivity is determined from the biophysical characteristics of the tree, such as leaf area, leaf density, branch size, branch density, etc.

    • Option for adjusting the effective permittivity to agree with a measured attenuation at a single frequency

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