Remcom Announces Specialized Tool for Optimized Simulation of 5G MIMO Systems

Remcom announces the release of Wireless InSite® MIMO, a new version of its site-specific radio propagation software that simulates the detailed multipath of large numbers of MIMO channels while overcoming the increased level of computations required for traditional ray tracing methods.

Remcom Updates Wireless InSite EM Propagation Software with Performance Enhancements Including 64-bit GUI

Remcom today announced an updated version of Wireless InSite®, its site-specific radio propagation software for the analysis of wireless communication systems.  This update, Release 2.8.1, includes performance enhancements such as XStream® GPU Acceleration support for NVIDIA® Maxwell™ architecture-based GPUs for the X3D model and a 64-bit graphical user interface (GUI).

Remcom Announces Update to Wireless InSite EM Propagation Software with Support for KMZ/COLLADA Data and Speed Improvements for Processing Large Urban Scenes

Remcom announces a new version of Wireless InSite, Release 2.8. The release supports the import of KMZ and COLLADA geometry files and includes significant processing speed-ups for terrain and city geometry, enabling simulations of large and complex urban scenes.

Remcom Announces Unique Technology for Optimizing Matching Circuit Elements Using XFdtd Electromagnetic Simulation Software

Remcom announces a new Circuit Element Optimizer for XFdtd that optimizes matching circuits for several antennas serving multiple bands simultaneously. Design engineers can optimize matching circuit lumped element values directly in the electromagnetic layout where the coupling from multiple antennas and the ground return current paths are taken into account.

Remcom Announces Benefits of Time-Domain Electromagnetic Simulation for Automotive Radar

Remcom announces unique benefits of time-domain electromagnetic simulation for automotive radar sensors via XFdtd® 3D EM Simulation Software. XFdtd enables simulations of full sensor models with a bumper’s fascia, dramatically decreasing development cycles and improving accuracy. Remcom is refining these competencies to help suppliers meet the requirements of the major automobile manufacturers.