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Frequency-Domain Circuit Solver and Circuit Schematic Editor

Build a matching network or corporate feed network and see its impact on full-wave results.


XF includes a schematic editor specially designed for antenna engineers who need to analyze matching networks and corporate feed networks.  The S-parameters from an FDTD simulation are readily accessible for analysis.  The associated frequency-domain circuit solver quickly solves the circuit layout and provides matched results.  Once the matching network or corporate feed network analysis is complete, the schematic can be applied to the FDTD simulation where full-wave results can be inspected.

Supported Components

  • Subcircuit

  • Resistors

  • Ideal and lossy inductors

  • Ideal and lossy capacitors

  • Switches


  • Phase shifters

  • Netlist file import

  • SnP file import

  • FDTD block

  • Voltmeter

  • Ammeter

  • Ideal transmission line
  • Microstrip transmission line, tee, bend, step

  • Coplanar and grounded coplanar waveguides

The schematic editor includes an analysis workbench that provides sliders for tuning. Tuning is used to determine component values that meet performance metrics. It also allows users to see how a matching network’s behavior varies with each individual component.


Steady-state Full-wave Results

In addition to the standard components listed above, XF’s schematic editor allows users to seamlessly specify operating modes and multi-state devices.

When a schematic is applied to an FDTD simulation, the following steady-state full-wave results will update:

  • Port data including S-parameters, VSWR

  • System and radiation efficiencies

  • Available, input, dissipated, and radiated powers

  • Near field sensors

  • Far field sensors

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