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User Defined Antennas

Import measured or simulated radiation patterns.


In addition to the built-in analytic antenna types, WaveFarer allows users to import patterns from measurements or simulations. This allows drive scenario results to be considered early in the design process.

When a prototype is available, the radiation patterns for the various antennas can be measured in an anechoic chamber.  Once the measurements are taken, they can be input into WaveFarer and various drive test scenarios can be analyzed.  This reduces the need to set up and perform each test in the lab or on a track.

Earlier in the design process when prototypes are not available, RF engineers responsible for developing a new antenna or radome can generate radiation patterns from a full wave simulator, like XFdtd. These patterns can be imported into WaveFarer to test performance against various drive test scenarios.

Similarly, engineers responsible for placing a radar behind a bumper can simulate multiple placement locations and generate radiation patterns for each.  These patterns can be used with WaveFarer to determine which placement is optimal.

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Return to the WaveFarer main product page to explore more about the software's features and technology for fast and accurate analysis of repeatable drive test scenarios.

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