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Remcom Commercial Consulting

Expert EM Simulation Resources for Your Design Projects

Remcom was the first innovator to create a universally usable, FDTD-based solver for the commercial EM market. Our electromagnetic expertise and years of partnering with customers implementing a wide variety of EM applications make us uniquely qualified to complete your product design and implementation processes. Our expert software engineers act as an extension of your design engineering team, saving you valuable time, money, and the complications of hiring EM experts internally.

Remcom's consulting team has a long and successful history of solving challenging software problems ranging from designing and implementing CAD software to porting algorithms to new high performance computing platforms such as multicore/multiprocessor CPUs, MPI clusters, and GPUs. Contact us today to discuss your specific challenges and the ways our team can add value to your projects.


The Remcom Consulting Process

When you request EM Consulting services, our engineers first assess your needs and calculate the duration of the project. Through in-depth interviewing and information gathering, we provide you with the problem statement, scope of work, methodology Remcom will provide, and the deliverables you can expect.

Once we’ve agreed on the statement of work, we’ll work together to define a schedule of deliverables, allowing you to provide critical feedback as the project progresses. We typically group the project by stages, providing you with a price quote for each stage to make it easier for you to choose those that are most crucial to your business.

Finally, we will together decide on a start date, the lead time needed, and an approximate end date (from receipt of required materials). You will be provided with incremental results along the way, and a final report at the close of the project.

Save time and reduce costs.

Contact Remcom today for a customized solution to your most complex electromagnetic challenges.

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