3D Electromagnetic Simulation vs. Planar MoM

Several full-wave electromagnetic simulator software products solve Maxwell’s equations in three dimensional detail, using different EM formulations and approaches in order to address high frequency applications such as signal integrity, microwave circuits, and antennas.  3D planar formulations are sometimes referred to as 2.5D or “two and a half D.”  Other products are fully arbitrary 3D.  

While the capabilities and application areas of planar MoM and fully arbitrary 3D EM simulators overlap extensively in microwave circuit and antenna design, the two different EM simulation categories each have strengths and limitations beyond the basic dimensionality of the tools.

This paper, featured in the July 2015 issue of Microwave Journal, provides a technical comparison of 3D planar EM simulation with fully arbitrary 3D EM simulation and informs users as to which EM approach/formulation may work best for a given application.

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