Comparison of Indoor Propagation Modeling of WiFi Coverage Using Wireless InSite and Measurements

Modeling radio frequency transmission coverage in complex indoor environments requires high-fidelity 3D models and advanced electromagnetic calculations.  The 3D ray tracing code in Wireless InSite can accurately predict received power coverage even in a multi-room environment containing many walls and different material types.

In order to verify the accuracy of the code, the floor plan of Remcom’s business offices was modeled in the software with a WiFi antenna.  We then used a third party tool and a laptop computer to create a coverage plot of the received power throughout several of the suites.

In this presentation we present the results for this basic measurement campaign.  We also discuss some general research we conducted on the accuracy of the measured results from wireless cards in laptops, which led to a better understanding of why some of the initial measured results appeared to violate the Friis transmission equation.

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