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XFdtd Tutorial Video: Bow Tie Antenna Design

This video tutorial series helps XFdtd users to create and analyze a broadband antenna.  The series will guide you through XF's antenna design process, with each video highlighting key steps and features.

Learn to:

  • Create a bow tie antenna geometry by using the polygon tool to define the sheet body.

  • Assign a PEC material to the bow tie in order to define the antenna's electromagnetic properties.

  • Add a voltage source with 300 ohm resistor to represent the antenna's connection to a generator.

  • Verify the grid and enable XACT mesh.

  • Use a far zone sensor to save the 3-D radiation pattern during simulation.

  • Run the simulation with the specified frequencies of interest at 6.7 and 20 GHz.

  • View the simulation's S-parameter, far zone gain, and impedance results.

View the video tutorial series on the XFdtd support site...