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Thanks for your interest in XFdtd's Circuit Element Optimizer.  Download the following resources to learn more or contact us for a personalized demonstration.

On-Demand Webinars

Intro to XF's Circuit Element Optimizer

This webinar introduces the CEO capability and provides an example of how it is used. A GPS/Bluetooth antenna and an LTE antenna are used for the demonstration.

Antenna Design Workflow Using Full-Wave Matching Circuit Optimization

The design of a matched antenna is a fairly involved process. This webinar will show how XFdtd simplifies this process by providing tools to parameterize the unmatched antenna, determine S11, synthesize a matching network topology with Optenni Lab, and determine the final component values using the Circuit Element Optimizer.


Technical Magazine Article: Full Wave Matching Circuit Optimization Shortens Design Iterations

This article, which appeared in the January 2016 issue of Microwave Journal, describes the design process using the design of a matching circuit for a GPS-Bluetooth antenna.

Whitepaper: Overview of XFdtd's Circuit Element Optimizer

Overview of how the Circuit Element Optimizer works and the benefits it provides.

Brochure: Full Wave Matching Circuit Optimization


Demonstration of Full-Wave Matching Circuit Optimization in XFdtd

Demonstration of Full-Wave Antenna Matching Circuit Optimization, including the antenna matching circuit design flow and CEO's analysis of a PCB layout.

XFdtd and Optenni Lab Integration for Matching Circuit Design

This brief video shows the highlights of the XF and Optenni workflow integration using a GPS and Bluetooth mobile device antenna.

Application Examples

Matching Network Design for GPS/Bluetooth Antenna

CEO is used to determine optimal matching component values for a dual purpose antenna.

Optimizing an LTE Antenna's Matching Network

A simple antenna for LTE band operation is added to the PC board of a smartphone in XF and the matching circuit is tuned for operation in multiple frequency bands. The component values in the matching network are chosen so that system efficiency is maximized.


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