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PrOGrid Project Optimized Gridding®

PrOGrid Project Optimized Gridding simplifies grid creation.


PrOGrid incorporates best practices in FDTD modeling by considering multiple aspects of a project to optimize the grid for both accuracy and runtime. Users have the ability to control the following aspects of gridding:

  • Finer resolution around conductor edges where fields are strongest

  • Minimum number of cells across features, e.g. microstrips and substrates

  • Smaller cells inside dielectrics where the wavelength is shorter

  • Free space padding that is determined based on a fraction of a wavelength
The algorithm refines the grid around the discontinuities in the copper trace.

PrOGrid streamlines the process of generating an efficient grid. By considering a combination of geometry features, operating frequency, and material parameters, PrOGrid intelligently creates a grid that is optimized for high accuracy and short run times.

PrOGrid Logic Screenshot

PrOGrid Logic

  1. Guarantee cells per wavelength in free space and in dielectrics where the wavelength is shorter.
  2. Reduce cell size around curved geometry.
  3. Apply boundary refinement at the edges of conductors where electric fields are strongest.

Identify geometric features like vertices [vertices] and snap grid lines to them.


Save time and reduce costs.

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