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Biological Thermal Sensor

For biomedical analysis.


XF's enhanced Thermal Sensor allows metals and other non-biological objects to be included in the temperature rise computation. The calculations are based on Penne’s Bio-Heat equation and consider the effects of conductive heat transfer between thermally connected materials, blood perfusion, metabolic processes, and general RF heating. The sensor is well suited for analysis related to:

  • Therapeutic heating devices

  • MRI heating in patients, including effects of implants, probes, and electrodes

  • Microwave thermal ablation

  • Implantable devices

Output from the sensor includes the initial temperature, temperature rise, and final temperature distributions. This data can be visualized in the user interface or exported for custom post processing.


Application Examples

Probe for Thermal Ablation

Temperature increase
Temperature increase around a probe that has been inserted in liver tissue.
Computed initial temperature distribution for a human showing the effects of metabolic processes.

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