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XACT Accurate Cell Technology®

Faster, more accurate simulations.


XF’s XACT mesh reduces your simulation time while improving the accuracy of even the most intricate designs. Important geometrical features including complex curved surfaces and small gaps are resolved using an advanced sub-cellular conformal method. By representing input geometry more precisely, XACT mesh allows you to reduce computing resources while maintaining the accuracy of a full wave EM solver. Faster, more accurate simulations improve the throughput of your designs from start to finish.


  • Represents small gaps and curved surfaces

  • Increases accuracy of results

  • Significantly improves EM simulation time by reducing unknowns

Other Key Features:

  • Provides efficient workflow through easy user interface

  • Visualizing conformal contours ensures confidence in the mesh

  • Performs in conjunction with XStream GPU, multiprocessor and MPI acceleration technologies

Here are some comparisons showing the dramatic improvement with XACT:

Traditional FDTD Mesh
Traditional FDTD1
Traditional FDTD2
XACT Mesh1
XACT Mesh2

Save time and reduce costs.

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