Antenna Placement Analysis (On-Platform)
and Integrated Antennas

Remcom’s antenna modeling software tools ensure proper design and placement of antennas in almost any application. Our simulation tools can work alone or together for a complete analysis of how an antenna will perform: simulate 3D fields in XFdtd, then import the antenna into XGtd to determine optimal placement on a large structure such as a satellite, aircraft, or ship. Or, import into Wireless InSite to see how the antenna’s signal is affected as a vehicle moves through a realistic city or rural scene.

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Whitepaper: Using Simulation to Optimize Safety, Performance, and Cost Savings when Integrating an Antenna Onto a Platform


Aircraft Mounted Antennas

Antenna modeling software

M-28 Aircraft


Antenna design software

Shuttle Example


Vehicle Mounted Antennas

Antenna simulation software Benefits of Time-Domain EM Simulation for Automotive Radar


Antenna simulation software

Human in Car Exposed to EM Fields from Car-Mounted VHF Antenna


Video: Antenna Design and Real World Analysis with XFdtd and Wireless InSite
Video: Moving Vehicle Antenna Analysis Using Wireless InSite and Real Time Module

Satellite Mounted Antennas

Video: Using XFdtd and XGtd to Design and Analyze a Helical Antenna on a Satellite

Human Interaction Placement

Human in Car Exposed to EM Fields from Car-Mounted VHF Antenna


Patch Antenna in Body (with SAR Analysis)


Hip-Worn Cellular Telephone on Moving Man


Keyless Entry


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