Antenna Placement Analysis (On-Platform)
and Integrated Antennas

Remcom’s antenna modeling software tools ensure proper design and placement of antennas in almost any application. Our simulation tools can work alone or together for a complete analysis of how an antenna will perform: simulate 3D fields in XFdtd, then import the antenna into XGtd to determine optimal placement on a large structure such as a satellite, aircraft, or ship. Or, import into Wireless InSite to see how the antenna’s signal is affected as a vehicle moves through a realistic city or rural scene.

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Whitepaper: Using Simulation to Optimize Safety, Performance, and Cost Savings when Integrating an Antenna Onto a Platform


Aircraft Mounted Antennas

Antenna modeling software

M-28 Aircraft


Antenna design software

Shuttle Example


Vehicle Mounted Antennas

Antenna simulation software

EM Simulation of Automotive Radar Mounted in Vehicle Bumper


Antenna simulation software

Human in Car Exposed to EM Fields from Car-Mounted VHF Antenna


Video: Antenna Design and Real World Analysis with XFdtd and Wireless InSite
Video: Moving Vehicle Antenna Analysis Using Wireless InSite and Real Time Module

Satellite Mounted Antennas

Video: Using XFdtd and XGtd to Design and Analyze a Helical Antenna on a Satellite


Human Interaction Placement

Human in Car Exposed to EM Fields from Car-Mounted VHF Antenna


Patch Antenna in Body (with SAR Analysis)


Pacemaker Simulation


  SAM Head


  Hip-Worn Cellular Telephone on Moving Man


  Keyless Entry


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