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Touchscreen Capacitance Coming in XFdtd

We’re pleased to announce Projected Capacitive Touch Capability coming soon in XFdtd. This capability was developed for teams designing sensor and drive lines in touchscreens.

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Benefits of Time-Domain EM Simulation for Automotive Radar

This whitepaper demonstrates how XFdtd's time-domain approach enables rapid development by analyzing a fully detailed sensor model installed behind a piece of fascia. The analysis of a 25 GHz sensor frames the discussion.

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Performance Study of EM Simulation Using MPI+GPU

We’re offering a report that quantifies the performance profile of XFdtd’s GPU and MPI technologies. Different combinations of equipment and techniques are compared for speed and cost considerations.

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Case Study: Antenna Design Optimization Using PSO

This case study demonstrates design of a broadband antenna using Particle Swarm Optimization.

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Remcom Recognized as Top 10 Engineering Design Solution Provider

Remcom has been recognized by CIO Review magazine as a Top 10 Most Promising Engineering Design Solution Provider for 2014.

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