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FDTD Simulation of Thin Resistive Sheets

An effective approach is presented for simulation of thin resistive sheets in FDTD. The approach is based on surface impedance and piecewise linear recursive convolution technique. This approach can be combined with a conformal scheme so that it can be applied to deal with an arbitrarily shaped thin sheet. The simulation results for a couple of examples have shown that the approach is robust, stable and quite accurate.

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Waveguide Device Design Using XFdtd

Simulation can greatly enhance the design and prototype process when developing new products. This is especially true for the design of waveguide devices, such as a cavity filter, as the engineer can quickly calculate a number of key metrics leading to an optimal configuration. Through optimization via scripting, exceedingly fast processing using a GPU, and waveguide ports, this presentation demonstrates some of XF7’s features for the design, optimization, and analysis of waveguide devices.

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A Conformal 2D FDFD Eigen Mode Method for Wave Port Excitation and S-Parameter Extraction in 3D FDTD Simulation

In this paper, a conformal 2D FDFD Eigen mode method is derived for solving arbitrarily shaped waveguides or transmission lines. Some examples such as horn antennas, circular waveguide filters and differential pairs are presented to show the capabilities of the developed conformal 2D FDFD Eigen mode solver.

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Design of Wave Ports in FDTD and its Application in Microwave Circuits and Antennas 

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