Electromagnetic Analysis Applications

Remcom’s EM analysis products are used for antenna design and analysis, bio/EM effects, MRI, microwave circuits, RFID, military and defense applications, EMI/EMC, and more. Please explore the following application types and related resources to help simplify your work and improve your products.

Antenna Analysis Software  

Antenna Design and Analysis

  Simulating EM field interactions for photonic devices  

Photonics and Optical Applications

Antenna Placement Software  

Antenna Placement/On-Platform Antenna Analysis

  Radar and scattering analysis software (RCS)  

Radar and Scattering

EM Field Simulation Software  

Biomedical Applications

  EM Solver for SAR simulation and validation  

SAR Validation

Simulation Software for EMI / EMC Testing  

EMI/EMC Testing

  Signal integrity simulation software  

Signal Integrity

Antenna Placement Software (On-Platform)  

Integrated Antennas


Static Discharge

EM simulation software for metamaterials  

Metamaterials/Special Materials


Wind Turbine - Radar Effects

EM simulations for microwave devices  

Microwave Devices and Components


Wireless Propagation


These examples demonstrate how Remcom's electromagnetic analysis solutions can improve your design process and reduce prototyping costs. Please contact us to learn more about our EM Simulation Software and Electromagnetic Analysis Consulting solutions.