Microwave Devices and Components

Remcom's XFdtd software is well-suited for any microwave device design or analysis task. Whether the application is waveguides, power dividers, filters, couplers, or the like, XFdtd can provide quick, efficient, and accurate EM simulation results.

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Wideband Pseudo-Elliptic Waveguide Filter

Slotted Waveguide Antenna

Waveguide Cross-Coupled Filter Simulation

Microstrip Gap Waveguide on Electronic Band Gap Substrate

Rectangular Waveguide Mode Converters

Substrate Integrated Waveguide Filter with CSRRS

Power Dividers

Wilkinson Power Divider


Ferrite Circulator

Rotman Lens

  Impact of Substrate Thickness on Rotman Lens Designs
  Rotman Lens Designer Performance vs. Frequency
  Rotman Lens Sidewall Curvature Impact on Performance: RLD vs. XFdtd Simulation Results
  Rotman Lens with Linear Antenna Array
  Lens Design at 16 GHz

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