Remcom Product Pricing  

Remcom offers flexible payment terms and creative pricing solutions to accommodate any size budget or organization. Use the form below to receive our baseline pricing.

Note: Pricing is US domestic. A Remcom Global Distributor will contact those from countries where localized pricing is available.

Perpetual License Types

  • Node Locked:  User may designate one computer (stand-alone or network-shared) where the software will be used.
  • Hardware Key: Remcom will provide an Acresso FLEXnetID hardware key which attaches to a USB port on the computer of choice. The main advantage of the hardware key is portability, as the hardware key may be easily moved between different computers.
  • Floating:  A server is designated as the license manager. Any computer on the network may utilize the license until user limit is reached.

Remcom Professional Support (RPS)

One year of Remcom Professional Support (RPS) is included with each product you purchase. After the first year, RPS may be purchased for 15% of the current purchase price of the software.

Alternative Pricing Options

  • Flexible Payment Terms with Full Product Ownership Benefits
    • Quarterly, semi-annual, or annual installments
    • Three year term with full product ownership at end of term
    • Comprehensive support and free upgrades included for duration of term
  • Lease Options with 12- through 60-month terms
  • Academic and government discounts. Please contact Remcom for details.

Customization and Consulting

Remcom would be pleased to provide a customized solution based on your specific needs. A cost-effective collection of products can be bundled together. We also offer custom software development and are available to collaborate on projects or partner on government contracting opportunities.

Contact Remcom to discuss our customization and consulting offerings:


Tel: 814-861-1299