Wireless Propagation

Remcom offers products and consulting services for wireless propagation applications ranging from military defense to commercial communications. Our Wireless InSite software provides efficient and accurate predictions of radio wave propagation and communication channel characteristics in complex urban, indoor, rural, and mixed path environments. In addition, our Propagation Software Division specializes in government contracting efforts such as developing custom software and performing research and analysis.

Propagation projects that Remcom can simplify include:

  • Ad-hoc and temporary networks
  • Base station coverage analysis
  • Indoor WiFi
  • Microcell coverage
  • LTE and WiMax throughput analysis
  • Moving vehicle or aircraft
  • Tower placement in urban environments

The following examples demonstrate Remcom's Wireless Propagation capabilities:

Modeling an Ad Hoc Network With Tranceivers
Communication Analysis in a Culvert
Modeling Uncertainty in Urban Propagation Using Monte Carlo Theory
Overcoming Unknown Layout Limitations when Modeling Outdoor-to-Indoor Propagation
Maximum Permissible Exposure Analysis in an Urban Environment
Multiple Transmitter Analysis
Advances in Wireless Medical Device Technology
Modeling Indoor Propagation
Path Gain Comparison Near Longmont, Colorado
Path Loss Comparison Near Ottawa, Canada
Path Loss Comparison in Rosslyn, Virginia
Radio Propagation In Ottawa Using UCFDTD
Propagation Predictions Over Irregular Terrain Near Golden, Colorado
Received Power Comparison In Bern, Switzerland
Comparison of UTD to FDTD
Urban Propagation Comparison in Helsinki, Finland
Received Power and Delay Spread Comparisons in an Urban Environment
Propagation Prediction Over Colorado Plains

Learn more about our EM propagation software or consider our consulting services to help inform your wireless analyses.