XFdtd® EM Simulation Software

3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software


XFdtd Release 7 (XF7) is the market's most modern 3D electromagnetic simulation software for FDTD-based modeling and simulation. It’s tremendously fast by leveraging NVIDIA’s most advanced CUDA-enabled GPUs. And it’s easy to use and engineered to replicate real-world processes.

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Introducing PrOGrid Project Optimized GriddingTM


PrOGrid Project Optimized Gridding is a new capability that simplifies grid creation.  PrOGrid incorporates best practices in FDTD modeling by considering multiple aspects of a project to optimize the grid for both accuracy and runtime.  Users now have the ability to control the following aspects of gridding:

  • Finer resolution around conductor edges where fields are strongest
  • Minimum number of cells across features, e.g. microstrips and substrates
  • Smaller cells inside dielectrics where the wavelength is shorter
  • Free space padding that is determined based on a fraction of a wavelength

Key benefits of XF7 3D Electromagnetic Simulation Software include:

  • PrOGrid Project Optimized Gridding
  • XStream GPU Acceleration for CPUs and GPU clusters enables calculations to finish in minutes as compared to hours. Use XStream with the GPUs in a single computer or link multiple GPU clusters in parallel via MPI + GPU technology for massive EM calculations.
  • Unlimited Memory support for problems exceeding 60 GB and billions of cells.
  • External Queue Integration (EQI) allows XFdtd users in HPC environments to submit/queue their simulations directly to the compute cluster through the user interface.
  • XACT Accurate Cell Technology resolves the most intricate designs with fewer computational resources.
  • CAD Merge seamlessly integrates new versions of CAD and PCB designs into existing projects.
  • XTend Script Library automates modeling and design with pre-loaded, customizable scripts for creating custom features.
  • Guided modeling processes, editable modeling history, ability to edit imported CAD files
  • Intelligent, ultra-fast meshing expedites previewing of finished meshes prior to simulation.
  • Dynamic and interactive graphing allows results to be viewed and automatically updated as data changes.
  • Customizable Results Browser with filtering and search tools


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