Optenni Lab Integration

Matching network in Optenni Lab

XF’s integration with Optenni Lab benefits the matching network design workfow. The full wave solver in XF is used to calculate the S-Parameters and efficiency of an unmatched device. Those results are then fed into Optenni Lab where a circuit solver is used to determine the optimal matching network topology and associated component values. 

Included in the integration is the ability to do the following:

  • Analyze single and multi-port devices
  • Select inductors, capacitors, and tunable components
  • Optimize over multiple bands
  • Choose matching network layouts based on targets for S-Parameters or efficiency

After Optenni Lab determines the optimal matching topology, the physical copper traces and component pads are laid out on the PCB in XF. Finally, XF’s Circuit Element Optimizer is used to determine component values while considering the full wave interactions with the matched antenna.

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Optenni Lab is a software product developed and sold by Optenni Ltd. More information is available on Optenni’s website.