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Results and Output

Complete result history.

xf results
Approximate MR image visual output type.

XFdtd was designed to support the way you work by keeping track of every simulation you do for each project. Results from other projects or past simulations can be added to graphs, viewed in 3D, post-processed, or exported to text, MATLAB, or CSV files. The Results Browser in XF is completely customizable, and filtering and searching tools make it easy to find exactly what you're looking for with a few clicks.


Visual Output

  • Planes, surfaces and volumes of output shown with input geometry

  • E/H/B, conduction current, rotating B near fields, in addition to dissipated power density

  • 3D far field patterns of E, gain, realized gain, axial ratio, radar cross section

  • Hearing aid compatibility, SAR, MR transmit efficiency, and approximate MR image outputs

  • Biological Thermal Sensor


Graphical Output

  • Near zone fields/currents vs. time

  • Impedance, S-Parameters vs. frequency, VSWR, Active VSWR

  • Polar plot antenna patterns

  • Smith chart impedance plots

  • FFT of transient results

  • Group Delay output type

  • Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and Time Domain Transmission (TDT) output types

  • Dissipated Power Density

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