Antenna Design and Analysis

Hand reprinted with permission from CTIA - The Wireless Association®. All rights reserved.Antenna technology is constantly advancing to meet the growing demands of industry. Likewise, we've ensured our XFdtd software has been keeping pace in order to provide engineers with a tool that matches their processes and helps them meet their design requirements.

Our customers’ interests range from simple academic examples to the latest cellular devices containing multiple antennas and hundreds of components. Models can be analyzed in XFdtd for efficiencies, dissipated power, SAR, radiation patterns, reflection coefficients and more. Plus, XFdtd embraces parametric analysis and exploits the computational power of GPUs.

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General Antenna

Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Using MPI + GPU

WiFi Propagation in Aircraft Interior Using MPI + GPU

Slotted Waveguide Antenna
 Optimization of Rectangular Patch Antenna (PSO)
 Optimization of Inverted-F Antenna (PSO)
Spiral Antenna Over EBG Reflector
  10-Turn Helical Antenna
Horn Antenna
  Vivaldi Antenna Geometry
  Biconical Geometry
  Luneburg Dielectric Lens
  Monopole On A Box
  Corner Reflector
  Horn Antenna Using MPI

WiFi/Wireless LAN/WiMAX

 Dual Band and Wideband Optimizations of an E-Shaped Patch (PSO)
Cavity-Backed Slot/Strip Loop Antenna
WiFi Antenna In Netbook
Circularly Polarized Microstrip Antenna for Wireless Power Transmission and Data Communication
Dual Frequency Inverted FL Antenna in XF7
Three Patch Array

Mobile Devices (cellular, Bluetooth, GPS)

Matching Network Design for GPS/Bluetooth Antenna
Optimization of Inverted-F Antenna (PSO)
Hip-Worn Cellular Telephone on Moving Man

Antenna Arrays

Antenna simulation software Benefits of Time-Domain EM Simulation for Automotive Radar


Design of a Mobile Base Station Using Antenna Synthesis
  Rotman Lens with Linear Antenna Array
Three Patch Array

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