About Remcom

Remcom has been a leading provider of electromagnetic simulation software for 20 years, creating the first universally usable, FDTD-based solver for the commercial Electromagnetics market. Our products are used by EM professionals in a wide variety of markets and applications, including antenna design, placement and analysis; bio/EM effects; MRI; microwave circuits; RFID; military and defense applications; photonics; ray tracing; wireless communication; EMC/EMI; and more.

We serve many of the world’s most respected and prestigious organizations, including government/military, commercial, and academic institutions of all sizes. Remcom’s software licensing is flexible enough to accommodate any team structure, from single-office installations to globally accessible license servers.

Customer Focused

Remcom has a long history of providing custom engineered solutions for customers that need specific functionality from our software. We devote much time to understand our customers’ needs, building requested features directly into the software with each new release.

Personal Attention

Our reputation for providing excellent and accessible technical support is a result of the talent we recruit and our willingness to put our best people in touch with customers in need. When you call Remcom for support or even just for advice, you speak directly with our most respected engineers.

An Enjoyable Business Collaboration

Remcom’s focus on the customer, EM expertise, and agile corporate culture give us an edge over larger corporations and make doing business with us hassle-free and enjoyable.


Remcom was formed in 1994 to develop and market software which would give our customers the capability to apply the Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) method to their particular applications. The result is our flagship product, XFdtd®. XFdtd quickly gained market leadership, in part due to Remcom's continuing investment in product development guided by interactions with our customers.

Using the experience gained in bringing XFdtd to market, Remcom developed and implemented new methods for solving difficult electromagnetic problems and then delivered additional products to the market. The full Remcom suite of products now consists of the following:

  • XFdtd: General purpose, full wave 3D EM analysis software for modeling and optimizing device design. XF includes XStream® GPU acceleration, an industry first using NVIDIA CUDA-enabled technology.
  • XGtd: A high frequency GTD/UTD based package for the design and analysis of antenna systems on complex objects such as vehicles and aircraft.
  • Wireless InSite: A radio propagation analysis package for analyzing the impact of the physical environment on the performance of wireless communication systems.
  • VariPose: A geometric modeling package for the manipulation and refining of high-resolution human mesh models for the medical and biomedical markets.
  • Rotman Lens Designer: A tool for the design, synthesis, and analysis of Rotman Lenses.

While maintaining focus on our software products, Remcom is also active in consulting and contract efforts. Our Government Services Division develops and maintains government-owned software with applications in radio propagation prediction and general electromagnetic analysis. We also develop software with special EM analysis capabilities for both commercial and governmental customers.

Executive Leadership

Scott Langdon
Acting President, Principal, Chief Technology Officer

Scott is a co-founder of Remcom. He is a developer of many of the technical capabilities of the FDTD solver at the heart of Remcom's first product, XFdtd, and has shaped the design and function of the XFdtd graphical user interface. He is a research engineer whose interests include analytical mathematics, specialized materials, and electrodynamics. Scott is also the product manager for the XFdtd family of products.

Dr. Christopher W. Penney

Dr. Christopher Penney is a co-founder of Remcom. He has extensive experience in the development of XFdtd, particularly in those aspects related to interaction with biological materials. He has helped develop standards for SAR exposure, including wireless handset certification. He served as the principal investigator on the Air Force funded effort that led to the development of Remcom’s human body repositioning tool, VariPose, and the Army funded effort that led to Remcom’s Rotman Lens Designer tool. He also has expertise in the development and application of high frequency diffraction coefficients and application of FDTD to radar targets. Dr. Penney holds a PhD in electrical engineering and has authored numerous publications and articles dealing with electromagnetics.

Remcom Staff Expertise

In addition to the EM expertise of Remcom’s executive leadership, the company’s staff of software engineers, research engineers, and application engineers possesses the technical competence to produce EM tools that continue to lead in our market. With advanced degrees in mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, computer engineering, and physics, among others, Remcom’s talented technical staff is the company’s most valuable asset.