Wireless InSite Key Features and Outputs

Propagation Modeling Capabilities

  • Models for urban, indoor, and rough terrain with several modeling options:
    • High-fidelity ray tracing
    • MIMO simulation for 4G, 5G, Wi-Fi
    • Fast ray-based methods
    • Empirical propagation models
  • Channel Data Analyzer for viewing, plotting and exporting MIMO output
  • Proper handling of antennas, polarization, phase, angle of departure and arrival

Imports and Databases

  • Terrain data using GDAL importer
  • Geometry importers for city structures, floor plans, and objects (COLLADA, DXF, KMZ, SAT, shapefile, STL)
  • Antennas: Remcom UAN, Planet, Odyssey
  • Maps and aerial photo imagery
  • Global soil dielectrics and USGS foliage

Post-Processing Features

  • Monte Carlo
    • Parameter uncertainty
  • Communication channel analysis
    • Interference, BER, throughput for LTE and WiMAX

Acceleration and Optimization

  • GPU acceleration and multi-threading
  • Improved performance for scenes with complex geometry


  • Received power, path loss
  • Propagation path displays
  • Electric field magnitude and phase
  • Time- and Direction-of-Arrival
  • Complex Impulse Response
  • Delay spread

MIMO System Outputs

  • H-matrix
  • Complex Impulse Response
  • Received power
  • Angle of departure
  • Angle of arrival